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Computers / iPads

Are you having trouble with your computer? Whether it is a hardware issue or you want to understand how to use it. I can help.

If you are reading this you are familiar with web browsing. But, what about Skype, Netflix, Amazon, or Google Voice? It can be confusing to set up these sites for shopping, movie viewing or making free phone calls to Europe. I can help.


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What about a wireless connection? When guests arrive for the summer they usually need an internet conection. If you need help setting up access and want to be sure it is done right, call me.

Many businesses need to provide internet to their customers. Inability to access or failure in the middle of a session can hurt your business. Call the expert to be sure your network is set up properly.


$50 / HOUR . My work is guaranteed. If I can't fix your problem there is no charge.





What??? Doesn't everybody know how to connect a television? The answer to that is "Maybe". New internet services deliver movies to your computer or direct to your TV. Video games, DVD players, BLU-RAY, and other video devices also are competing for that connection to the big screen. If you have a problem or a question, I can help.


Having problems with weak signal here on the Island? I can boost your signal with special antennas or a MICROCELL. Call for details.




While computers have made our lives richer, they have also made us much more vulnerable to fraud and identity theft.

I can help you set up your network to resist intrusions. Please notice that I said "resist" not "prevent". Computer security is a moving target.

With this in mind, I will recommend measures that will help keep you and your computer safe.


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